Coding Woes

One of the main frustrations I have with coding is  wanting to create these beautiful masterpieces I have embedded in my mind, but not knowing how. It seems that through my perseverance over learning HTML/CSS, Javascript, Ruby, and Python a Company known as General Assembly has decided to create a site for people to learn how to code tumblr themes. I’m so happy for this development because I’ve discovered that two of my layout designs would be best benefitted for tumblr.

I’ve gone through all that was necessary to learn how to make tumblr layouts. Honestly, it’s really lacking. The only thing it has taught me is how to edit pre-existing ones. I can’t really make anything from scratch and make it look decent on there. It’s a whole new programming language… again 😞

I felt like all that work I did over the past two days was for naught. I mean, I know what to do, I just can’t apply it. I guess this is why formal teaching is necessary. Hmm… there is the Hacker Lab downtown.

Also, I really don’t like these new ‘secret’ emoticons that are just for wordpress. Just give me my ios icons and be done with it.  😫

Honestly, I wish I had a foot stool that has a pop off lid that revealed this massive pumice stone. I like to sit my feet on top of something and rub them against that something often. if i was a massive pumice stone I would have either the softest feet, or you could see bone. Lol



Anyways, I’ve realized that if anyone wanted to associate me with a band, it would be Muse. Every single song pulls at my inner being and all I can do is dirft my head back and forth to the beat and do my best headbanging impression. I torrented most of the music, but I am planning on buying the physical CDs if I can.


Want to see something I wrote when I was high last?

Instead of Beer drinking contests, we should have water chugging contests. Do you know how hard it is to drink water these days? Having a group of people yelling ‘chug chug chug’ while you’re drinking water is a thing that’s needed these days.

I love my high thoughts. They make sense about 80% of the time. You know what they say, “Write Drunk, Edit Sober.”