“Why do our thoughts flow so freely in our dreams?”

I’ve walked the path of the hero. I’ve always done what was needed for the end game, the big picture. Few have not been pleased with my accomplishments. But I only fought for an ideal. There was a sacred knowledge that needed to be taught to those who would listen. How foolish I was to believe everyone shared my goals.

When they could not attack me directly, they poisoned the minds around them, leaving me to the fate of the Villain amongst most. They thought they could hurt me, drag me into the mud, and bury me alive. I fought back. I fought for so long and so hard. But it was all for naught, I fell victim to their poison.

I laid in the dirt and pleaded for them to pour it over me. I thought that path was for the better good. There had to be a balance, someone else was the good, I was the evil. Oh, how I had fallen…

It took time, but I listened to all that was around me. I was able to move myself outside out the equation. I saw my situation as a whole. I saw what went wrong. I saw my wrongs. I saw their  wrongs.

I went back to my roots and dug deep inside myself to see if I could find myself again. I regressed far back into my mind, to the days when I was happy.

And then I saw the light.

My name is Chaudie, and my life begins now.


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