Loosening the stitches

It has been a long time since I felt brave enough to look at this text box.

I’ve been wanting to speak to you. Really I have, but I felt that I wasn’t worthy of such attention. Far too much has happened in the past few months. I finally feel strong enough to speak on what it happening.

I have two children. They both have varying degrees of special needs. And they were taken from me.

Back in August I had a falling out with my family. My son was not happy with losing a place that he can go to be treated as the spoiled prince he was. So he decided to say some things that had Child Protective services brought into the picture.

My mom thought she would get custody of my son, and lied through her teeth in the reports to try and get her way. Little did she know that it all came to light in court, she’s not allowed to see him again.

It has been almost two months now since they took my son and daughter. I visit them on weekly and biweekly visits, making sure they are well feed and safe. I am please with my daughter’s improvement, but my son’s behavior is worsening.

Each time I go to visit him, his resentment grows. He’s not in a foster home, but a facility/shelter. He’s lashing out at children and is in need of counseling, or just to come home. I had to tell him that these were the consequences of lying to officials, and that my hands were tied by the court. His resentment grows and I am fearful of the state of his mind and soul.

The most I can do is jump like a trained dog through these numerous hoops held up by the social worker. I do not believe she’s doing the best she can, but I don’t want another worker. I feel that this worker is efficient and diligent when she actually works on my case. I can only hope our monthly appointment will deliver helpful results.

As the metaphorical blood drips from the imaginary wounds from loosening lip stitches, I hope you’re still interested in a woman who wants to write her own story. I’m just working on developing the main characters.


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