Review: Mad Butcher Sacramento, CA

Ladies and Gents, I present to you the best Butcher in Sacramento.

Just off the beaten path of Florin-Perkins and Elder creek, you’ll receive the best experience possible. Why don’t we begin with the atmosphere, shall we?



You can tell the owner is of Asian origin. Their place has been applied with the energy movement decor known as Feng Shui. After pulling into the gravel road and park in one of their 20-something parking places, you walk up to double doors and are greeted by the large statue of Kuan Kung. He is sitting atop a lovely glass table flanked my auspicious items (Fu dogs, money plants, etc).

Store Layout:

To your right you will see a set of closed door freezers displaying individual packages of meats and related treats. It’s always nice to gaze in there and grab a couple of items for a quick trip. To the left of the freezers, you’ll view large bay windows revealing the cutting floor.

I like seeing how my meat product is being cut up. If you arrive right before closing, you’ll view the best wash down of a meat place I’ve seen; better than Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, and the other grocery store chains.

Below the bay windows are open freezers that show additional cuts of meats (sectioned and packaged in a thick plastic that stands the test of time) and condiments. If you want the same sweet and sour sauce that’s in the restaurants, they make it homemade here.

At the end of the freezer, slowly turning clockwise, is the main doors to the cutting floor, followed by the path to the offices, Soda case, and finally the Counter.


You can pick up a menu or look up at the newly renovated marquee. You can order individual pieces or pick from a prearranged ‘meat pack’  and make up to 3 customizations.

There’s a meat pack for every diet. I order the ‘Pork Free’ pack and make my customizations as needed. Vegans and Vegetarians can find alternatives in their tofu here (be sure to ask).

Then, you will wait momentarily for your order to be placed in a cardboard box on a rolling cart. There is a lovely park bench near the door that can seat two people (three if they are children) if you don’t wish to stand. They will call your name (the loudness depends on how busy they are. Alternatively, they will make eye contact with you and motion you over.) and double check the order with you seeing the items. When you are satisfied, you pay.

They accept Debit/Credit and EBT/SNAP. The counter workers speak both english and spanish. They are kind and gracious. Sometimes they do make mistakes, but its never at the cost of the consumer. And everyone helps out. I’ve been personally served by the Owner many times.

So what’s the downside?

If you are looking for the negative, I can say that this is a small place. There’s not much parking. However, I think the parking spaces reflect the size of the shop quite well. It can be packed (especially the first two weeks of the month), but it’s not like suffering in a WalMart/Sam’s Club/Costco line.

The best way to negate discomfort is to call your order ahead. Leave a name with your order and they will have it prepared by the time you arrival, after that you only need to confirm and pay.

I give Mad Butcher 5/5 stars for their pros and faults. 

Mad Butcher

6480 Florin Perkins Road
Sacramento, CA 95828

(916) 383-4943



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