Red Ribbon Week is an insult of modern lifestyle

Dear School Districts everywhere that praise the gospel of ‘Red Ribbon Week’


I am a medicinal marijuana user; and my son has to take meds for ADHD, or they won’t allow him in school.

First of all, how dare you force my child to take a pledge to be ‘drug free’ when he’s not even allowed in school without it?! Do you realize how many people in your employment take various prescription drugs just to make it out of bed?

You are helping convert our society’s youth into mindless drones for the future workforce. I can’t even go up to my son’s school and talk to his bitch of a teacher without taking a hit because the ganja triggers the filter I keep on my mouth that prevents personnel from being cussed out over their own idiocy. DONT YOU DARE ASSUME I’M GOING TO ALLOW BULLSHIT TO FLOURISH!!!!

I have to smoke a high cultivated herb in order to have a normal function in life. In order to walk outside my house and not be afraid of every person I see (save like, 10 people, yes 10) I have to be a mid level of high at least. It’s not fair to children when you spin such untruths in order to feel better about yourself.

You have this week long jerk fest of spewing propaganda and spoon feeding it to my child, then tag him with a piece of fucking red plastic around his wrist (like an animal) and make him swear a non existent oath. And he’s supposed to wear it, proudly, for seven days while infuriating myself and my husband.

If were up to me I would demand a permission slip for my child to participate in such hypocritic, cult-like activities.


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