Realizing the Coder within

I have this dream. It’s one of many, but a consistent one that I look into the face of daily. I want to be able to create a blog or website by myself. I want the ability to look at a website, hate it, and be able to plan, build and publish a better one. I want to be able to create personalized websites for friends and for profit. Just knowing that I can produce such a thing of beauty.

I know that building websites isn’t considered an art form, but I want my screen caps of my creations posted on all of those ‘100 top web layouts’ post I’m always reading for inspiration. I want a portfolio that looks like it should be hung in a museum.


When I was a child, My first computer was the Commodore 64. I would write a full screen flashcard program to teach my siblings their ABCs in BASIC. As a teen, I was trying to take Computer Science classes at the local community college and learn C++ (I lacked the support and focus needed to continue).

As an adult, I was one of those Myspace Scene Kids with 10k friends and dabbled a bit in html. When I discovered that I could vent my frustrations in a weblog for any one to read, I took to blogging for a good 5 years. I had gained some proficiency in HTML and CSS, I figured out how websites could work, but not why. Realizing my potential I’ve decided to learn more about coding.


I’ve recently finished my refresher course for HTML and CSS. Afterwards I felt like an idiot. My main elements in blog design are little widgets that are plugged into unorthodox places. My biggest issue was the div containers, it was a simple lesson.

I want to make websites and blog templates, there’s some good money in it if you want to submit to certain pay sites. and I just have these amazing ideas that I want to put on paper and online. But it seems that to be a decent coder you need to understand the most popular languages like Python and Ruby. But instead of trying to learn the bare minimum, The Hacker boss states that I should learn other programs to better developed my website building ideals. So I’m working on JavaScript right now. It’s a little weird and I’m going to have to go through the whole again, but I’m happy with the progress I’ve made.



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