What’s in a name?

Today is the first big step for me. I’m going to change my name. Most of you out there in the wild throes of the internet know me as Chaudie, short for Chaudalyn.  But that is  not my name…

My name is Michele. It’s a rather plain name when you look at it on paper. I’m often mistaken for Michael than anything. It sounds better when you pronounce it, Mee-Sha-Lay. It’s a bit of a french pronunciation. It’s nice.

During childhood the kids would rhyme my name with Chevrolet, ‘wanna pu-ay,’ or just laughed. It bothered me because they were mocking the name that my mother gave me.

Although when my mother named me, she just mashed the first names of all her friends and put it on the birth certificate. They were all close at that time, she doesn’t talk to them anymore, its be 25 years. So according to her, the names have no meaning. My family calls me misha anyways.

So throughout the years I gave myself little nicknames, I’ve personally called myself a lot of different things. And then the internet happened. Nyko (Nico) kind of stuck for a while. It was the name I was using online when my husband and I met. He still calls me nyko. Now he calls me chaudie, its easier to say.

So… after much reflection, and learning that my mom doesn’t give two shits about it, I’m going to the courthouse today to get the papers to change my name.

I feel like my name is supposed to be Chaudalyn, and I’m going to make it right.

Tigers die and leave their skins; people die and leave their names.  ~Japanese Proverb


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