One would think that as women, we would teach our children to be better than the people we deal with on a daily basis. For example,

“I was picked on as a child, so I will teach my child how to love themselves and let the hater’s words roll off their back.”

I was horribly teased as a child. Hell, my Gyaru days weren’t any different. But standing back and realizing what could have been done to prevent it. I’m making a conscious effort to build an environment for my children to thrive on. So, when these ‘challenges’ arrive, they have the ability to deal with it.

“Men have manipulated my life in more ways than one, so I will teach my sons to respect women and my daughters not to put up with it.”

As we work for gender equality and Feminism, I know that some minds can’t be changed. Their ways are rooted in them from the home life these misogynist has as children. So to make the world a better place, i’m educating my children to respect both genders equally and not to put up with shit from other people.

The reason why I’m mentioning this is because tomorrow, at my son’s bus stop I’ll be involved in a fight. I have a friend whose daughter is essentially being told what to do by a couple of mother’s who have no business saying anything. They allowed their sons to play too rough and mishandle my friend’s daughter. In return, the daughter defended herself and kicked both of their asses. The other mom’s are pissed and demand that my friend’s daughter play ‘softer’ with them.

Honestly these bitches look like they’ve been smacked around by men before. And by allowing your son to do that to women, in front you (???), is the last straw. The line has been drawn by my friend. There’s to be a rumble tomorrow.

I honestly don’t know what to do, I’d been having dreams lately about not being able to properly fight. I didn’t know why until now. Fucking premonitions.  I’m absolutely terrified at the fact that I’m backing her up. She’s going to friend another friend. I just hope I can just be the one responsible for recording this on video and uploading it online.


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