The beginnings of the #instablogging

In my past blogging experience, I have crafted the best articles based on my self study of social media and internet ‘people watching’. It was fun, new and somewhat rewarding. I found an obscure niche that was blossoming, and I (along with about 100 others) developed this particular niche to financial fruition.

Now, after having a mental reboot, I long for a type of blogging that isn’t demanding. In some niches you have to post regular, almost daily, articles or photos to entice and invite the reader into your ‘personal’ life.

I don’t mind sharing a piece of my private life with you, but I don’t want to go into full documentary mode.  No one wants to read a whole lot unless it involves intense reviews, tutorials, or terms of service. And honestly, those first two could use a bit of refinement. Just get to the point, add media, add a bit of flourish and viola! Post.

So, I recalled something Xiaxue posted a while ago on her instagram account:

Did you miss my blogging? 😉

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Instablogging… now that’s something I can get the hang of. Making it short and sweet. Enough to reread, share, or archive for personal use. It’s amazing how far we’ve come from the ‘web diary.’  There is that frightening part of ‘LESS READERS = LESS BLOGGERS,‘ but I think its time to evolve from that. Blogging for me is getting to the part of online archivation on my part. I have found something worthwhile that I want to show to someone, so I’ll either share it, or post it here so my friends can find all the necessary information together. A lot of people are starting to notice this trend.

Here’s a few fine examples from Xiaxue herself:

What pisses me off as much as the touching is the rudeness of these people. I simply cannot understand why they would be so buay paiseh (unabashed)! I don't like to be put in a situation where I have to go tell someone to stop touching... That day a middle aged lady was having her fill of Dash while telling me she loves my blog. She was nice, just that she didn't know her boundaries. It would make the situation so awkward if I told her not to touch him. She should just KNOW it's not alright! It's simple manners, right?? It's ok to look - but not ok to touch! 🔸 When I tweeted about this issue some time ago some idiot said I was overreacting. Oh yeah? I doubt you will find ANY mother who thinks it's ok to let strangers touch their kids! Moreover babies have very sensitive skin! You may say there is no harm done with a bit of touching... If you really think so please let me rub your face with my foot. That moron continued by saying I should understand that Dash is very cute so of course people want to touch him. No, I don't "understand". That's the dumbest shit I've ever heard, it's like saying a girl is gorgeous so of course all the men want to rape her and she should be all like oh it's my fault I'm so pretty, guess I'll allow my vagina to be a free for all! 🔸 Thank god to date nobody pinched him or kissed him. I've heard it happened to my friends' babies! I think I will just flip! 🔸 Fellow mommies: Does this happen to you too? What's the most invasive thing strangers have done to your kids? And how do you prevent or react to this? I need some tips!

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To further my desire in developing my instablogging skills, I wanted to find a decent guide to using twitter, itunes, and tumblr. I know there are many and the level of quality is varied, but hopefully the links below will help you as much as they have for me:


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