Ever since I was young, I’ve always wanted an iPhone.

I remember when they first came out. I wasn’t entirely gung ho after hearing about the battery overheating and therefore the phone would cease to work. As each new model came out I was intrigued.  Then after being able to play around with an Ex BF’s iPhone, I was hooked.

So I took my time, waited for features to be upgraded and improved, and eventually I had my eyes set on the Golden iPhone 5. It was beautiful, and people calling it the ‘Kardashian Phone’ made it a done deal. But man, shelling out $600 for an unlocked phone was bullshit.  But of course, my moirail saved the day!

DarkSakura, my moirail, recently upgraded to the iPhone 5 during in birthday, which left me open for buying her lovingly used 4s. It’s really a beaut and I’m so happy to have purchased it unlocked for $200.

So soon you’ll see a lot of selfies and other intriguing photos and videos on my various social media accounts.


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