Whenever I’m in a depressive state, I often think , ‘What would Kanye do?”

Photo Couresty of MTVHIVE

Photo Couresty of MTVHIVE

Seriously, the poster child of Confidence is Kanye West.  He just perks me up and makes me feel like I can do anything. So when I discovered #OnMyKanye, I thought it reflected something similar to the Grind. Like a Personal Effort Hierarchy:

Grind  Hustle  Flow → Kanye

I want to be a famous columnist through my personal opinion, music tastes, and bubbly personality. And looking at Kanye and how to interpret things helps me on my personal goals and challenges.

West seriously believes that, if given the opportunity, he can recreate the world and “make things as dope as possible.” – GQ Online “10 Things We Learned About Kanye West’s Fashion Sense from His BBC Radio 1 Interview

Of course I need to share some music with you. The #OnMyKanye hashtag lit up when a rapper named Lord Reign created a song named… you guessed it, On My Kanye. I’m still analyzing the song to absorb all the Kanye out of it.

Check Out the Song Below the Cut:




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