3 Tips to Adding some Luxury to your life



One of the most important elements that I try to include in my life is luxury. It’s one of the easiest things to attain. No, you don’t have to blow a stack of money and purchase outrageous items that instagram followers will drool over, no. It’s quite simple really.


Stop eating with plastic and paper

My husband has a lot of plastic wear around the house. it’s so that our children have less breakable dishware, an he has a personal attachment to certain styles. I, on the other hand, think its far too childish for my tastes. I bought a square dishware set. It looks like the ones that Gordon Ramsey serves his food on.

Bonus tip: if you like to take pictures of your food, having a uniform dish set looks more professional.

Take your ‘me’ time to an intimate level..


My ‘me’ time is from about 5am to 6am. The children and husband are still asleep. I have a small meal and watch the morning news show and peacefully setup the things I need to get my children ready for school.

I like to make the time truly special by preparing one of the frozen breakfast sandwiches in my Kim Kardashian hairstyle and cookie monster pajamas. it give me the feels of a queen preparing for the day.

Play classical/instrumental music (or opera) in the background while you go about your day.


While dignitaries hold court, there is usually musicians playing in the background to lighten and reflect the mood of the household and its’ king. I use it to develop my children’s mind and calm mine. After installing a decent surround sound system, you can feel like you’re the star in a movie with the perfect soundtrack.


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