Twerk Friday

I am a woman that comes from a family that listens to rap and hip hop. It was so much apart of my childhood that I tend to keep away from it in my leisure. However, since I’m going to start working at my uncle’s studio, I’m becoming reacquainted with it.

Oh my, the husband is quite bewildered at me listening to random hip hop songs (I try to listen to at least a whole album per new follower that’s a music artist) and wondering why. He’s more the Alternative, Metal, and Punk type of person.

Usually, I’m catching up with DJ friends (like DJ Sam House) online during Friday and Saturday evenings. The kids are put to bed promptly at 8pm, and I treat the living like it’s my own personal VIP room.


Also, I need to drop a few pounds. And ever since the whole ‘Booty Queen’ thing about Jen Selter came out, I thought it was due time for some toning.  And what better way than Twerking? It works your legs, thighs, and back; creating that ‘P’ shape known as the butt shelf.

Usually I don’t try to indulge in purposeful booty jiggling, but I came across this song and I just became inspired to find the inner (so called) ratchet in me and embrace it.

Click Below for my full playlist and helpful videos on mastering the Booty Jiggle.

Here’s my full Twerk Friday Playlist:


Need some help mastering the booty? I’m using these videos to perfect my technique:

I hope you have as an adventurous night. l know I will.


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