[obsessed] Patatap.com

Ladies and gentlemen you must try out Patatap. It’s an in browser music machine that’s interfaced with your keyboard.


Need a quick pick me up?

Bored our of your wits end?

Need to distract your toddler without damaging the computer?

Want to know what your name sounds like?

Then check it out!


Patatap is a flash music generator, created in a collaboration with Jono Brandel and the music duo known as Lullatone.

Congrats guys! You’ve made  device that will forever be apart of the “things you can never get bored of” category.

P.S. Becareful of that Q key. It’s a flash and should have an epilepsy warning attached to it.

Update: @JoshuaBaker just Created a bookmarklet to help you improve on your beat mixing!



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