Chefs fight to keep their traditional methods in Ca.

Being a mom of a child with a genetic weakened immune system, I have to worry a lot about air and food borne pathogens coming invading my household. If an ill stranger passed by our air condition unit while it’s running, someone will get sick. However, when I read that it’s illegal to use bare hands in final food preparation, was shocked



The husband and I love to watch anything related to cooking, he’s a natural-born chef. I’ve always encouraged him to open a café or restaurant. He gets this light in his eyes and it spreads into a big grin as he explains to me why he’s grilling a taquito or sealing a massive burrito with cheese.

Hearing this new regulation gives me mixed feelings.I’m outraged at how this regulation will suffocate the element that separates the chef and bartender from the everyday fast food service worker. I can imagine grimier looking people working in kitchens and the overall quality in aesthetic dwindling to an all time low because of plain laziness. Soon the dishwasher will be able to strap on a pair of gloves to help out the kitchen staff on a busy night.

I’m pleased that my state’s governor is tying up loose ends and making things safer for us. I’ve heard of, and seen, too many food poisoning horror stories over the course of my 20+ years to last me a lifetime.



Image Source: Wikipedia


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