New Genesis

new beginnings

There was once a girl called Misha. She lived a sheltered life. As she grew into her teen life, she was known as a Glorified Babysitter. No friends really. She had flourished in that title for so long, things became weird. She wanted to do more, know more. But with a mother who didn’t want the responsibility, and a grandmother who simply wanted to control, self expression with a brutal and painful experience. Then she decided to make friends…

Her backbone grew. Her mouth opened wide. After a few debates, a couple of well placed arguments, and many beatings later, she found herself living with her uncle and aunt. She was able to explore more, figure out who she was. She was able to stay out all hours of the night. Explore what she thought was missing. But it came with a price, a lil boy.

However, with that child, a new sense of independence arose. She learned, survived, and provided. She took a more natural approach to child rearing. The experiences kept flowing in. A better parent than most. This was of course when she first learned of the internet.

With the start of Myspace and Adultfanfiction, she continued to have more experiences.  She understood the benefits and dangers. And had her first taste of fame. How fickle… Shortly after a Scenster phase, came a husband, and a daughter.

Now Misha, over the course of 10 years, is now a full fledged adult. She’s no longer called Misha, but Chaudie, and has finally come into her own.  She has experienced enough that life had to offer, and now truly knows what she wants.

I am Chaudie, and this is my life.



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